Runkeeper Rebrand

Co-designed by Mariah Muscato, Drew Condon, Matt Wilson, & Sue Yee

The Runkeeper rebrand was a long, arduous process to completely rework the visual identity of Runkeeper. Everything from language and copy to color and motion was considered in our efforts to transform an outdated design into a fun, energetic, and consistent experience. In a cluttered space of fitness apps, the team at Runkeeper looked to differentiate the RK brand in efforts to help everyone fall in love and stick with running forever. We did this through updating our mark, re-skinning and redesigning our iOS app, and updating our voice and tone to become more inclusive.

This process was jump-started by several weeks of user interviews to help us better understand our customer: their problems. their pain points, and their fitness journey. From there we constructed user personas that helped guide the redesign process and help the entire team at Runkeeper become experts in the problems we needed to solve for the runner.