Hey, What's Up, Hello!

Hi there new friend! My name is Mariah Muscato and I’m a product designer. My focus for the past couple years has been in user interface design but at my core I’m a problem solver, experience protector, and devout tea enthusiast.


As a digital product designer I continuously strive to understand humans: their behaviors, abilities, and their needs. Through design I aim to meet those needs by focusing on the entire experience, which includes both the aesthetic of form and the quality of the interaction. I believe that good design is not only understandable and usable but also compelling and delightful. 


I currently reside in Somerville MA, and hail from the maze-like, industrial grounds of UMass Amherst where I studied film and information technologies. While in school I split my free time between directing a weekly editorial talk show for UVC-TV 19 and serving as the Visual Media Director for the local radio station WMUA 91.1FM.

When I'm not product designing or posting gifs in Slack,  I enjoy writing scripts, drinking IPAs, traveling the world, and arguing with my roommates over whether The Weeknd’s hair should be considered an art installation.


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Taco Shack is for Tacos

Mike Monteiro once said that a good designer will find an elegant way to put everything you need on a page, but a great designer will convince you half that shit is unnecessary. Designing with intent and purpose guides all my decisions as a designer. While products should be delightful and aesthtically pleasing, they must first address real need. Being a designer is much more than making things look pretty, it's about delivering on a promise to get the job done.

I will always value delivering the mail over delivering tacos... even if they are maybe the best tacos I've ever had.